We specialize in remote management of individuals via mobile devices.

Our innovations provide companies with comprehensive insight of the tasks assigned to their mobile workforce, including the data they generate.

We develop products and services

Leveraging cutting-edge advancements in mobile communications and computing, our technology empowers us to deliver solutions characterized by reliability, security, and user-friendliness.

Beginning of operations - First generation Alethia: Software on Windows and GPS data logger


Delivery and waste collection fleets were our initial clients, who gained insights into sequences and time utilization on their routes.

First Alethia application on a Smartphone: Nokia 6600


The integration of this portable computing and communication device into Alethia allowed us to provide our clients with robust and cost-effective solutions. Now, the phone transformed into a productivity tool.

We migrated our Alethia software to the cloud


This enabled clients to instantly access new features and updated cartography. We introduced the Software as a Service (SaaS) model, making our service more accessible.

Alethia on i605 radio


Its simplicity and excellent performance led to its rapid adoption by hundreds of companies across Mexico that were already using radio in their operations.

We developed communication technology for mass transit.

Alethia on BlackBerry 8310


IDEI joins the BlackBerry Alliance Member. Our clients benefit from improved GPS accuracy and the inclusion of forms within the application.

Alethia on the first Android Motorola Dext


We developed N-Control


Alethia in App Store


We developed business solutions


  • Tareas
  • Punto de Venta
  • Ordenes
  • Vigilante

Launch of Tareas Idei


Development of an app for equestrian competitions


We developed a specialized Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for mass transit


Alethia Viajes


With this solution, we enable our clients to measure the cost of each trip conducted by their employees.


Since 1993, our team has been involved in the development and implementation of mobile data solutions, always focused on addressing our clients' competitiveness challenges.

Jorge Vargas Delgado

Director of Business Development

Carlos Ruiz Angulo

Director of Operations

Xavier Maurer

Director of Technological Development


Thousands of mobile employees in Mexico and LATAM use our products, which allows them improve their field activities, reduce paper use, carbon footprint, and increase customer satisfaction.


  • Consulting team for new technological implementations.
  • Proof of concept in almost any line of business.
  • Design, development, implementation, and operation of value-added services for mobile network operators under a white label scheme.
  • Contact center for end users.
Our services are strengthened by our partnerships with universities, mobile network operators, fleet operators, and device manufacters.

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